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Changing the Industry

XVO Media is a creative development agency based in the south of England. We offer a wide range of services of which we deliver industry leading quality.

We keep you involved throughout our whole development process and make sure you're happy every step of the way. When it comes to support, we have strict support ticket response and turn around times (SLA's) that we always meet. With our knowledge and experience in the industry, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with our angles of attack when it comes to solving issues and solutions.

Where we stand out from other agencies is in our after care. We don't just do the job and move on. We look after what we built, with constant technology updates and security patches.
What We Use
.Net Core
Microsoft SQL
Amazon Aurora
We use Amazon Web Services for our servers, storage and to manage our domains. This gives us the flexibility to offer servers based off solution, from a nice simple server for a website to a full blown load balanced setup for a more demanding application.

It also allows us to automate a lot of high demand tasks, such as auto-scaling a load balanced setup to ensure low response times, as well as checking and alerting on server health which allows us to easily manage our servers and make decisions.
XVO Media has committed to helping the planet by offsetting our carbon footprint! We will plant a tree for every completed project and every invoice payment above £10.
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